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Why We Created Vipor

Need is often the mother of invention. So it was for Vipor CRM. Co-founders Max Pucher, Kristi Kuykendall, and I all have a passion for real relationships, ones that are authentic, meaningful and effective. Those are the kind of relationships that help produce results. In fact, we often summarize our attitude most profoundly in two words, people matter. We are also software entrepreneurs whose past creations have successfully focused on creating solutions to help people execute relationship management more efficiently.

After founding VIPorbit Software, our first objective was to solve our own problem. We needed something that didn’t exist at all in the Apple-user world. We wanted and needed a way to manage our relationships in order to be successful.

We also felt other Apple users, especially those who wished to manage their business and personal networks in one elegant solution would be able to benefit as well. It certainly would be better than having to use numerous software products that really only allow for managing one or the other separately.

Most app users compare features and benefits. However, for us as developers, there are more factors to consider. We want to create products with a deeper meaning, or “soul,” if you will. Yes, our apps have lots of great features with helpful benefits, but Vipor does more than provide users with benefits.

Our solutions help users focus beyond a subset of contacts that strictly fall into “customers” or “prospects” to see the value in each relationship. As professionals, the lines between personal and business contacts is blurred in most cases, nonexistent in others. When users focus on building relationships of value across all of their networks, the result is a sphere of resource and influence that can impact all aspects of one’s life.

College buddies, organization associates, and even neighbors become meaningful connections who may not ever be customers, but who may be strong referral resources or people for whom you can be the resource when someone needs the solution you can provide.

At VIPorbit Software, we view each connection as a wealth of opportunity—to both serve and be served by others. This understanding is such a profound part of our organizational DNA that our goal is to provide a fluid and seamless software solution to help users achieve it. Vipor offers the agility to create more emotionally connected, sustainable relationships.

Although apps that simply aggregate publicly available feeds of what people are doing or saying (read: Facebook and Twitter) can assist in creating a “connection,” in our view that is not enough. That is certainly not enough to distinguish yourself from everyone else, including competitors, who have access to that same information. We wanted to provide more—a means by which users can consistently demonstrate that they are going the extra mile. Vipor is the toolset with which to do just that.

Vipor’s automatic logging of every activity with or for someone has on countless occasions enabled me to recall precise information about a past item with or about that person—sometimes even in front of them, to their amazement! As a result, I establish or strengthen my personal “brand.” The value is not just in the recall, but often more importantly from the other person’s perspective it showed that I cared enough to have recorded and “remembered” it.

As one of our users recently told us that Vipor makes her look good to her clients because they felt she “has such a good memory and attention to detail.” You can’t put a price tag on others’ perceptions; they can be priceless. Who wouldn’t benefit from that? And that’s why we created Vipor.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in learning more about our company or its founders, check out the about us page. To stay connected with us, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Take care,

Mike Muhney
CEO & Co-Founder of VIPorbit Software

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