VIPorbit Reviews

  • “VIPorbit is an excellent first-generation relationship management tool. It's designed to help you track of all your relationships, whether they are personal, social or business-related.” 

    Jeff Battersby, Macworld, January 2014

  • “If you live on an iPhone day in and day out, this is the tool you will leave open all day. It connects all of your modes of communication with your contacts and your calendar and allows you to create and track relationships between your contacts and activities. “

    Randy Haben, App Store Reviewer

  • “Contact management apps seem to be seem to be stuck in a funk...VIPorbit is an exception and deserves a close look by any iPad-toting executive.” 

    Bill French, iPadCTO, January 2014

  • “This App has transformed the way I can group my contacts based on the nature of the relationships. The drag and drop capability is a must, and the best I've seen! “ 

    Music Industry Executive, App Store Reviewer

  • “Now, that I also have the Mac version, the relationship management circle is complete, and I can truly rely on VIPorbit as my one-stop tool for maintaining contacts and relationships across all of my devices and platforms.” 

    Tony Bradley, and PC World Tech Contributor

  • “ACT! users REJOICE!” "CRM" is relationship management and VIPorbit gets it right. If you were an ACT! loyalist, VIPorbit will feel perfect. For those of us wanting a "bridge" between corporate enterprise connectivity and your personal phone: VIPorbit is a great solution! “ 

    FriscoCFP, App Store Reviewer

  • “I am a REMAX Realtor so when my boss said find a contact manager, I looked at all the top systems.  Nothing compared to the functions and ease of use this app has! Love the one-time fee! All my contacts are now at the touch of a finger and I can manage them so easily! LOVE-IT!”  

    Meeting America, App Store Reviewer

  • “The VIPorbit app has been instrumental in helping our business keep our contacts and business relationships organized and easily accessible. We juggle so many different contacts from clients to vendors to contractors and VIPorbit helps us have access to the info we need at all times on our iPhone, because as a business owner we are never "away" from the office!“

    Destin Nobles, Principal, Noble Design

  • “VIPorbit is a hidden gem that shows its brilliance every time you use it. While most CRM solutions suffer from feature overload, VIPorbit delivers essential functions that allow you to focus on action while keeping things simple and manageable. It embodies the cutting edge of simplicity, like a Swiss Army knife for the road warrior. “ 

    Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO & Publisher, Selling Power Magazine

  • “VIPorbit is the contact manager I am using. If you are someone who needs to keep track of other people, VIPorbit is the best way to do it.”

    Robert Scoble, aka @scobleizer, Tech Enthusiast & Blogger | Rackspace

  • “VIPorbit brings business class contact management to the iPhone. “ 

    Todd Bernhard, iPhone Life Magazine

  • “This software is a must-have for any mobile professional! “

    Saen Higgins, Founder of Wealth Without Risk

  • “The best thing about VIPorbit is that, although it is a contact manager, it’s much more than that. You can manage and track your interactions with those you know, and those you meet, across many social networks all in one place.”

    Jamie Young, AppAdvice

  • “I'm finally able to fully connect with the people who matter to me without really thinking about it...and it's all on my iPhone!”

    Ian Corner, Principal, Barston Consultancy Ltd.

  • “ full-featured ...a pleasure to use and reasonably priced. “

    James A. Martin, Martin on Mobile Apps, featured in CIO

  • “VIPorbit gives you everything you need to stay on top your business relationships. It manages your contacts, schedule, tasks, email, social feeds, and more—all in one easy-to-use app. And, it’s affordable and available for the iPhone and now the iPad—two platforms widely used by businesspeople.” 

    Carmine De Santo, Founder and publisher of i.Business Magazine.

  • “I run two companies and travel all around the country. VIPorbit allows me to easily keep track of my contacts, calendar, notes, tasks and projects. It’s a game-changer.”

    Peter M Vessenes, CEO. My ProfitSee

  • “VIPorbit looks to me like the "Goldilocks" app in the emerging Mobile Relationship Management market. Not too big like the bloated legacy CRM applications yet not too small like the calendar, contacts and phone capabilities that come with the iPhone. VIPorbit feels just right, easy to use but packing powerful functionality. I especially like the intuitive drag and drop capability when I am creating my ‘orbits’.“

    Katy Joeckel, App Store Reviewer

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