Introducing Vipor Plus for iPhone

Vipor Plus tracks calendars, contacts, and conversations—all in one place!

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Stay on Schedule Throughout the Day

Vipor Plus keeps you on top of it all with prioritized daily, weekly, and monthly calendars.

  • View calendars by day, week or month.
  • Schedule activities linked to individuals or Orbits of contacts.
  • Filter calendars by activity type to see all completed and upcoming calls, meetings and tasks.
  • Get pop-up reminders for upcoming events and tasks.

Stay in Touch with Contacts, Clients, and Coworkers

Organize the details of every important relationship.

  • Import existing contacts from OS X Contacts/Address Book
  • Store multiple mailing addresses, multiple email addresses, multiple phone numbers, URLs and more.
  • Print a variety of contact reports, including contact details, contact lists, and completed activities.
  • Build spheres of influence by grouping contacts into Orbits.

VIPorbit Software brings business-class contact management to the iPhone.

—Todd Bernhard, Contributing Editor, iPhone Life Magazine

Stay on Top of Every Important Detail

With Vipor Plus, you have instant access to every detail all in one place.

  • Track calls made, meetings held, emails sent and more.
  • Record unlimited date- and time-stamped notes to keep track of important details related to each contact.
  • Create individual log entries for each participant of a group call or team activity.

NEW—Now Share the Orbits You Want with Anyone You Choose

Keep everyone up-to-date and informed when you share.

  • Share Orbits of contacts and all related activities on a shared calendar with other Vipor Plus users.
  • Keep private the information you prefer not to share, even in those Orbits you share with others.
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